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Our Specialties

Speech Sound Disorders

  • Speech that is hard to understand

  • Difficulty saying certain sounds

  • Distorting sounds like 's' and 'r'

  • Leaving sounds off the end of words

  • Limited repertoire of sounds

  • Substituting sounds (like saying "do" for "go")

Language Disorders

  • Using limited words or vocabulary

  • Difficulty asking/answering questions

  • Having difficulty following directions

  • Having difficulty combining words into phrases​

  • Difficulty using correct pronouns

  • Difficulty using correct word order or grammar

Social Communication

  • Difficulty understanding someone's perspective

  • Not understanding someone's body language

  • Difficulty making and keeping friends

  • Difficulty telling and understanding stories

  • Difficulty engaging in conversations

  • Difficulty understanding someone's point of view

  • Self-advocacy skills

Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC)

  • Used to supplement or be used as a main communication system for those who are minimally verbal or have weak intelligibility

  • Low-tech through high-tech AAC systems and training

  • AAC Evaluations offered

  • School staff training and support of AAC systems

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